Your own personalized Gift Baskets

How to Make Gift Baskets

Gift baskets - About Gift Baskets - how to make your own personalized, great gift baskets - the basics about setting up themes and types of items to select when making your own gift basket.

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Gift Basket Basics

Originality goes a long way in gift baskets - a basket with unusual, exotic, or original items will be remembered much longer than a plain basket with a few typical food items. Use your imagination and creativity!

The Internet is a GREAT resource for gift basket ideas. You'll find links to professionally produced gift baskets, many of which will have items that you might want to include when putting together your own gift basket. Cute Gardener Gift Basket icon Take a look at what the professionals have done, and if you have the time and patience, you can put a personalized basket together for a fraction of the cost.

Many great gift basket items can be found in discount and 'bargain' stores. Places like 'Big Lots' and the like will have many inexpensive items that fit perfectly in a gift basket. The key is using these smaller, less expensive items to 'fill' the extra space in the basket, and give it a 'loaded' look. A gift basket with 12 $2.00 items will look more impressive (and likely be more useful) to the recipient than one with three $10 items.

Cupcake Maker's Gift Basket icon You can find great gift basket ideas and items in places where you might not think to look, as well. Auto parts stores, hobby shops, sporting equipment stores, bed and bath stores, even drug and grocery stores are great places to start.

Usually, you want to pick one or two major 'focus' items in a gift basket. Typically, this is wine, or larger food items, like bread cheeses, or crackers. Although it's good to pick a 'centerpiece' item that sets the theme for your gift basket, it doesn't have to be expensive. A gift basket for a relative could surround a large framed picture of the kids, grandchildren, friends, or family. Food baskets can include colorful fruits or flowers - but it's always good to try to personalize the basket's contents to the recipient's taste.

Cute Gift Basket icon Also, when shopping for items to include in your basket, remember that people will probably get more use out of and will appreciate items that can be used, rather than cutesy knick-knacks. Gift baskets, more so than typical gifts, should usually contain helpful items, related either to food, or hobbies and interests of the recipient.

Don't forget the card!

An important finishing touch for any gift basket is a card. Even better than a greeting card, is a little personal note from you. A sincere thank you note, get well wishes, or congratulations can go a long way, and it doesn't have to be elaborate.

Also, you can create your own personal touches to add to the basket. Home-made gift certificates are ALWAYS appreciated! Anything like a home cooked meal, a night's babysitting, love coupons, a free car wash, a night out with the girls (or guys), or just an afternoon of complete silence and relaxation can be a great addition.

The Final Touch

You've purchased all of the supplies, the container, and the padding, now you just need to assemble everything into a neat package. Putting everything together is pretty straightforward; pad the bottom, put the liner on top of the padding, and arrange the items so that the basket or container is attractive, organized, and evenly weighted (you don't want it falling over when you set it down).

Spa Gift Bakset icon Generally, put the larger, taller, and heavier items in the center. This will also make it easier to wrap.

When wrapping the package, clear cellophane works well, using a ribbon or bow at the top to close everything up.

You can also find 'shrink-wrap' type plastic at most craft stores. Using a hair dryer (read the instructions on the wrap), you can shrink the plastic to custom fit your items. This will give your gift that finished, professional look.

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